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Grassroots Team Roles:


Team Manager

Each team, indicated by age group and color (i.e. U5 Black) will have 1 team manager who will move with the players through each session

Read, understand and follow the Code of Conduct

Arrive early, appropriately dressed (in RKS issued colored “Team Manager” shirt)

Gather the team at the beginning of each session ensuring all participants are ready to play

On signal from the timekeeper, move the team to the next station according to the Season Session Guide

Help station coach convey training session to players, and keep players attentive and engaged

Help coordinate parent volunteers to ensure

  • field lining responsibilities are met – based on field lining schedule provided
  • equipment responsibilities are met


Station Coach

Each team will have a station coach who will lead the team through warm-up, and will run the station at which the team begins the session – the station coach remains stationary at his station, and each team will rotate through their station

Read, understand and follow the Code of Conduct

Read through the Season Session Guide and understand the content of the planned sessions

Arrive early, appropriately dressed (in RKS issued White “Station Coach” shirt), and ready to demonstrate and participate

Coordinate with team manager and equipment set up volunteers to set up the equipment required to run the station

Facilitate the station, encouraging proper technique and passing on coaching notes to each team that rotates through in increments as outlined in the Season Session Guide


Field Lining

Re-paint field lines at some point during scheduled week



Ensure station coach has all required equipment and help set up station prior to session start time

Ensure all equipment is returned neatly to the RKS shed at the end of each session



One timekeeper per session will signal rotation times and session conclusion according to the Session Season Guide


Parents / Spectators

Read, understand and follow the Code of Conduct

Ensure players are properly equipped and ready to participate in every team function

Support and empower players to take responsibility for their own preparedness, including ensuring they arrive on time for team functions

Provide positive encouragement for the team, celebrate accomplishments and support through struggles, and encourage fellow spectators to do the same



Read, understand and follow the Code of Conduct

Respect the authority of the coaching staff and other volunteers, appreciate their efforts that allow you to play soccer

Make every effort to attend all sessions, unless impossible due to illness or emergency

Give 100% effort on the field at all sessions

Arrive on time, dressed appropriately with all required equipment