Zara And Bridget Chambers Memorial Sports Award


This Award is offered by the Chambers family in memory of Zara and Bridget Chambers.  Zara and Bridget were born as two of a set of triplets; they are survived by four sisters.  They were fiercely strong, independent women, both passionate about life. They pursued their dream of playing soccer by attending Keyano College and earning a full sports scholarship.  In younger years, most school recesses were spent playing soccer; they pursued their love of athleticism through the game of soccer from the Rocky Knights to Red Deer Renegades and on to AMSL (Alberta Major League Soccer).  Bridget and Zara both played basketball and club volleyball. Both went on to achieve their Lifeguard/Instructor certifications. They especially loved teaching young children both through their swimming lessons or soccer camps.  Bridget and Zara saved significant amounts of money to buy their first car. This enabled them to attend soccer practices in Red Deer.

Bridget was especially passionate about soccer which was second only to her love of animals. Her motto was “what do I have to do to play soccer?”  


Bridget loved adventure.  A quote she exemplified was “chase the dream not the competition.” Bridget was also employed at Pine Hills golf course.  She was pursuing a Business degree.


Zara played every sport in high school: volleyball, basketball, track and field and cross country running.  One of Zara’s first big purchases was an expensive camera: she loved to capture the moment. For work experience she volunteered at the local coffee shop and later at the vet clinic.  She loved the mountains. She spent most days off hiking and camping. Zara loved writing stories, and always kept a journal. She was pursuing an English degree.


Purpose of the Zara and Bridget Chambers Memorial Sports Award


Bridget and Zara Chambers loved people and the “team family” of sports.  They enjoyed the journey filling their days with friendship, hard work and passion.  Living in rural Alberta makes the pursuit of sports harder. The extra hours of travel time, the extra expense to get to games and practices takes commitment from players and their families.   This award is meant to assist the young female athlete who is committed to the pursuit of a post secondary sport.



The recipient of this award will:

  • have been recruited to a team at a post secondary institution
  • have a passion for sports
  • have work and/or volunteer experience
  • have a respectable academic standing (GPA will be used as a tie-breaker)
  • Be residents of Rocky Mountain House and area.


Applicants will submit:

  • a letter of confirmation of enrollment from a university or college
  • 2 letters of reference from a coach, teacher or employer
  • a letter of offer from a collegiate sports team
  • a written essay (approx. 500 words) outlining her accomplishments on and off the field and future goals
  • a copy of her high school transcript (for use to calculate GPA in case of a tie)



The recipient of this award will receive:

  • $1000.00
  • a keeper plaque memorializing the award
  • West Central High School, St Doms  or David Thompson will retain a School Plaque with year to year recognition of recipients


Application Deadline

Award will be determined and announced by August 31.  Presentation of the award will be made by the Chambers family at the awards night (either St. Doms, West Central or David Thompson).  Please submit your documentation to the Chamber’s family at or Site 137, Box 31, RR 4, Rocky Mountain House, AB T4T 2A4 by August 15, 2019.