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Competetive League Suggested Team Roles:

(each team will modify these roles and responsibilities according to what works for their group, however this is a suggested guideline to fairly share team responsibilities)


Read, understand and follow the Code of Conduct

Acts as a teacher and mentor, leading by example to train players and develop their physical and mental abilities with regards to the spirit and game of soccer

With consultation from the Assistant Coach:

  • Plans and executes training sessions
    • Arrive early, dressed appropriately, prepared to demonstrate and participate
  • Make game-time decisions including line-up, playing time, substitutions, etc.
  • Develops overall strategy and goals for the team

Assistant Coach

Read, understand and follow the Code of Conduct

Coordinate and consult with the Coach regarding training session plans and game-time decisions

Assists with running training sessions (help set up and move equipment, monitor players, demonstrate and participate)

Assumes the coach’s role when necessary



It is important for the Coach and the Assistant Coach to always work together and provide a united front to the players, to provide a consistent message from a consistent source.  For that reason, the Coach should be primarily responsible for communicating objectives and leading sessions, with assistance from the Assistant Coach.

The Coach should always respect the equal authority of the Assistant Coach.

Team Manager

Read, understand and follow the Code of Conduct

Coordinate all parent volunteers to ensure that:

  • field lining responsibilities are met – based on field lining schedule provided
  • equipment responsibilities are met
  • any other responsibilities as determined by the group are met
    • team-wear
    • fundraising
    • early-season social
    • year-end wrap up

Maintain TeamSnap account:

  • ensure complete game and training schedule is entered and updated
  • help coach track availability to ensure team will have enough players to field a team for games
    • when short, coordinate call-ups from younger teams in consultation with coaching staff

Help ensure team has adequate accommodations, etc. for out of town tournaments

Coordinate travel-game car pool


Parent Volunteers

Read, understand and follow the Code of Conduct

Field Lining

Re-paint field lines at some point during scheduled week


Ensure 2 nets and 4 corner flags are set up not later than 15 minutes prior to the start of every home game – nets require 2 people and about 10 minutes each, so please coordinate and arrive accordingly.

Ensure 2 corner flags are set up not later than 15 minutes prior to the start of every crossover game – this takes about 5 minutes, so arrive accordingly.

If requested by coaching staff, assist with setting up and cleaning up equipment at training sessions.


The team may wish to coordinate other parent volunteers to spearhead fundraising efforts, plan and host other team events, order team-wear, etc.


Parents / Spectators

Read, understand and follow the Code of Conduct

Ensure players are properly equipped and ready to participate in every team function

Support and empower players to take responsibility for their own preparedness, including ensuring they arrive on time for team functions

Provide positive encouragement for the team, celebrate accomplishments and support through struggles, and encourage fellow spectators to do the same



Read, understand and follow the Code of Conduct

Respect the authority of the coaching staff and other volunteers, appreciate their efforts that allow you to play soccer

Make every effort to attend all team functions, unless impossible due to illness or emergency

Give 100% effort on the field at all training sessions and games

Arrive on time, dressed appropriately with all required equipment

Take care of RKS issued jerseys and return in good condition at the end of the season